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Hello guys.. yeayy this is the first post for july, hahaha finally i get a (short) holiday hmm no no no.. not a literally holiday because i still have an assigment. But well, today i wanna share with you about my life. If you add my instagram (@sabesabrina) or snapchat (sabesabrinaa), you know a few month ago I'm joined gym club and active for yoga class. Yess I'm change my life to be a better person and with healty life . Not only that, I also doing a diet mayo recently. And foylaaaaa I'm so happy for the result. This not only weigh scales alone, honestly but My body feels lighter and fitter.

Do you think diet mayo is easy?? Calm I think not a really, because changing life is difficult. For diet mayo you guys eating food without salt and tasteless.Actually I'm still trial for 1 week. But the result i lost 3,5 kg hoho so happy looking my body and I am much more confident. heheh I think i'll join diet mayo again or avoiding rice and salt ( I think salt, MSG, sugar, rice make your body become bigger). Well i'm joined one of catering diet mayo from instagram, their instagram looks so good and when the food come to me the appearance is very interesting and it was also very tasty. you can check (@byebyebellyid).

 change bad habits is not easy, especially regarding food. I am also trying to slowly change my bad habits. Starting from reducing snacking, eating fruit, diet to work out. For you, if ypu wanna tried I recommend trying to advancing the dinner hour. You can dinner from 5-7 Pm and if you still hungry after that you can eat fruit :D

ps : Calm. Btw I'm still eat normal food but with small portion so not a really healthy person but i always tying to hehe

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snachat : sabesabrinaa

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  1. Good job! Health is really important!


  2. I really want to change my eating habits but now in the summer I find it soooo difficult haha! Well done!


  3. Healthy food is always good for everyone
    But for me its so difficult

  4. Dear my body,

    i promise to take care of you for the rest of my life, to eat well, to train well, to rest well because you're only one place that i had to live

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