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Hello gaes How are you ??? I'm in BALI now.. Wooo How excited i am. Btw today i'll review about Korean look with Sephora Indonesia. In April 2016, Sephora campaigns for Korean Beauty. And I'm so happy for being the one that participated in the campaign.

 Sephora sent me Korean Beauty Box containing multiple products, and I was free to create my version of Korean-inspired look.

And the Product is Dr. Jartt+Clean Up masker, Sephora Brightening and Hydrating foundatin in Beigie,Sephora colorful shimmer eyeshadow, Sarange eybrow pencil and the last Sarange Nikkeoa lipstick
And now i'll give you some tutorial my beauty koran looks hehehe

First, before you make up use DR. Jart+ Clean Up Your Pores to help to refresh the complexion, to control the sebum and to prep the skin before makeup. The mask is very easy to use, (sorry i'm forgot to taking a picture but this is my look before make up and using the masker :p)
After using the masker you can take the foundatin, blen to your face. you can see the color on my hand. I chose beige because it is similar to my skin

I love how this foundation  it is clean and controls the amount of foundation and this foundation is also quick-drying disn't smell strong and easily flattened.  After this, I usually add some loose powder to make it slightly matte and using blush on.
next step aplying the eyebrow. Sarange eyebrow pencil is my favorite item from sephora. Because the pencil very smooth and easy to blend. They also have a brush in the pencil. so this is really easy to draw your eyebrow

Add some color on your eye and lips after using the eyebrow !! I use sephora shimmer eyeshadow in Sunday Brunch (81). The color looks like brownz and gold, when you apply on your eye it look so natural but still but still visible using makeup and I like from this eyeshadow is their durable.

The last but not the least, don't forget to using the lipstick !! Use the Sarange Nikkeoya lipstick in pink violet aand Finish !!

My look and make up for Sephora Korean Beauty Campaign. Btw
All the products that I used above can be purchased online via and get Free Delivery for purchases above USD 200,000

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