Calm and Happy

1:10 AM

Hellloooo.. it's almot 2 month I'm not writting on my blog! Everyday, i have a lot of activities starting in the morning i'm going to campus and in the evening go to the gym or dancing, or yoga !! hahaha yap
since november of last year, I decided to add a new activity for a healthy life. well i'm bussy on my life not the others hehhe. some people asking me, am i happy or not?  Because she just looking i'm so arrogant, independent and selfish. I can life without someone special *she think

So the answer is i'm happy, love yappp love come from anywhere your family, your best friend, your crush or a strangers. Although sometimes I also feel need someone on my life and feel lonely haha (ini kalau lagi mellow). why I like that? Sometimes I was feel doubt and afraid to meet the wrong person. It's not about traumatic but i just wanna realistic.
I also kind of person not easily to approached, hahaha thats true sih it's not a picky yaaa. Tapi kadang harus diakui saya kurang suka untuk diganggu karena kerjaan dan yang harus dilakukan banyak. So i really
appreciate someone who wants to talk or chat with permission (it;s really polite for me).

"Menurut lo status pacaran itu penting ga na?"
Tergantung lo mau melihat dari sudut pandang mana, lo mau membangun relasi yang ada misi dan visinya artinya lo udah siap banget mau merried dan paham seperti apa kehidupan berumah tangga atau lo mau memulai dari nol yang sama sama belajar sama sama mau santai kenal - jalanin tapi bertanggung jawab. Masalah penting ga pentingnya menurut gue itu balik lagi ke individu yang jalanin, ada orang yang nyaman jalanin "harus" pake statusan tapi ada juga yang jalanin aja tapi mereka closed banget (tapi untuk kasus yg closed banget) pastiin kalau kalian dua arah yaa bukan satu arah hehe.

"one girl can be "smart" to a guy and a "bitch" to another guy. it depends on the guys own security,confidence, and female preference.

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  1. Pacaran itu penting gak, ya? Katanya sih penting, tapi dosa. :D Eh BTW itu roknya imut bangeeettt >,< Anakku pasti lucu kalo pake itu

  2. I don't understand why being busy would make people think you're arrogant. If that's the way they think, I don't think they should even be considered a friend.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up.


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