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Happy friday all, yeayy finally weekend come hap hap hap.. Today my mood so happy i can manage all my list . finishing assigment, editing photo, gym and going to campus. Maybe you've asking or think how semester i am already??? And i skip to answear hehehe but The answer is this year my first semester for Magister Profession Psychology. Yapp so I had finished my  bachelor psychology last year in 21 years old and i'm continue my study for being psychologist :))

Btw I have a story . Today, i'm going to computer lab for installing SPSS ( some programe for statistic) and a girl yelled at me and she think i am her junior .  She said why i'm not wearing bracelet new students (for S1) hmm what? * i only laughing* so i told her I'm a Mapro (magister) but she not believe me hmmm, after from the lab i'm still thinking why she think i'm her junior hahaha, I hope because i have baby face hehe oopss sorry for narsistic LOL

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  1. amazing post !!!
    Would you like us to support each other's blog ? Follow me and I'll follow yours too ! xx

  2. I absolutely love the shoes!!

  3. I need you hat! I think it's a unisex item of clothing. Salam kenal! :D


  4. cute skirt, love the mules!

  5. you have such a nice looking hair

  6. This is such a cute outfit! I love your hat :)

  7. That's too funny that she yelled at you! It's always nice when people think you're younger than you are so I say that her yelling at you is a compliment :)

  8. such a great post! i hope you have a lovely day :)


  9. You look cute in this outfit. Good Luck on your studies! :)

    Have a nice day!


  10. Heyy heyy! Such a cute outfit! I love the colors and style of it!

    PS- I followed you on instagram! =) Pls follow back at heyymissfiora! I would love to keep in touch <3



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