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feel so bad

10:27 PM

hello guys, how are you??? I just arrived at home and open my leptop to sharing what happen to day in my life. yesss i really really feel so bad. i never feel like this with my life. Today is unlucky day in my life ever. you know i had bad luck in every momment today. starting in this morning i skip my workout and after that i just wanna go to campus using some online ojek and you know what the driver straying, he come to the wrong house OMG i'm still waiting him. and when i met him i think already passed but NO !!! we had to move about 500 meters from my house, and you know the ban is leak. god what happend today, so finally i got off  from the bike and look for other ojek. 
Btw today i had mid test, so my feel like roller coaster. After what happened before, I was very worried and afraid to be late to the campus. Okay maybe i'm not late but you know i stuck to my test :(
whereas I believe i can do and understand but ..... ahsyudahhh ( i only praying please god i wanna passed for this subject) .. The last unlucky is
Today I want to watch a fashion show in JFW but I came late because someone blocked my way. OH unluck day yesss really really unlucky.

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