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Hello wellcome to my new blog. yeppp i change my name and i bough new domain. HORAYYY !!!okayyy why i bough domain but i was blogging from 6 year ago?is  not about how much expensive the domain price but i want still keep blogging and writing. You know, some time ago I was stopped blogging for 9 month  (maybe?) and now even i really busy with my job, my profession i wanna still blogging.
Blogging is not about when i using pretty outfit, hangout or something precious. But i I want when you visit my blog you get inspired or we can be friends

Anw i wanna say thank to God omg I am very grateful. I get links a doctor of psychiatry from my professors and I hope I can work with her and practice in hospitals. Today i visited the hospital and you know what? i meet pretty doctor (btw i don't know her?) but her style so cute. I think she's still young and she was using blouse and flower skirt with heels (but her style likes kpop stars) i hope you can imagine how cute she is.

So,today the weather is very good not too hot and a little rain.and I wore crop top from hnm and flower dress from forever21.  I look more casual and chic at the same time .

Outfit : croptop, Hnm// dress, forever21// platform, picnic// bag, from Bangkok and hat, hnm 

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  1. I love your floral skirt and hat.
    Btw I'm your newest followers, can u followbck my blog? thx

  2. You look absolutely adorable!!!
    Very cute outfit and great photos! :)

  3. Great post - love this look

    Krissie x -

  4. You look beautiful :) Can't wait to follow your blog!

  5. yaay congrats for your new domain!
    I did think about bought domain for my blog. but I did not know any good web hosting. I am so clueless about that :( can you tell me where'd you bought your domain? thank you! ^^

  6. Love the outfit, and congrats on the new domain! Great post!
    xo Kiki

  7. lovely look, and cute ring

  8. Congrats for your new domain and keep blogging! I love your thought and the outfit! <3

  9. Hi, you have a nice day and nice outfit ;)
    Glad to see you.

    Vida | Polkalicious

  10. For a blog, this blog is quite inspiring for me

  11. This was my first visit to your blog. Congrats for your new domain \o/


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