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self potrait ?

9:16 PM

what do you think about your self?? are you nice person or bad person? I think every one will judge they are a good person. But wait the judge and value is not from ourself  but from people who look and know us.
my friend told me yesterday, first impression for me i'm so arrogant but when she/he know me so well they're laughing so well and they told me i'm so funny hahaha. So you can judge some one from they cover. 
I have different story, is about  Mr. Afs if you see him first impression he is a badboy, he has long hair and cool. But when you know him so well he is really religious even sometime he like drunk wkwk.but he was very good and responsible, even he have high self-esteem. he knows how to treat a woman  very well

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  1. Sweeeeettt!!! <3 <3

  2. Sweet outfit and lovely background

    Gimana sih cara ngedit layout blog kayak blognya kakak?

    Mind to follow each other ?
    thanks :)


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