jenesys experience : home stay

11:58 PM

first day we meet  okaasan

in wakayama we stay at home stay with okasan (mom) and ottosan (dad) they"re really humble and friendly even they did'nt talking with english. To be honest language is our problem because we ( me and viena) did'nt speak japanese language haha so we only used body language for interaction. This place really quite, most people in in this village just stay together, a father and a mother and their children go wandering into town. and mostly move to OSAKA. so what happen in homestay??? yaapp in  the morning we saw the butterfly flew and landed in front of the house. after it we clean the house, drying the futton. Afeter finish cleaning home we're taught to make a postcard with the painting by self. my okasan very good at painting. she said make a post card and painting make her relax in every time.

      this is place where i was stay in two night. you can see their room :))

Lunch time , OMG this is the best lunch ever in JAPAN. PASTA *crying* after lunch we move to field, we are taught farming. Our foster parents in Japan took its food materials directly from their own fields. And after harvesting they usually use by themself and give to neighbors

 After finish farming, we back go home and preparing dinner. 

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