jenesys experience : day 3

2:24 PM

Chuo university, Miraikan museum and Tokyo met. goverment office

According with the schedule our plan today is visiting chuo university. Because this programe exchange student, we're agree to using batik clothes or kebaya today. Chuo universityis one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in japan. they have six faculities, particularly renowned accomplishment in law, politics and science and engineering. we're given the opportunity to discussion for 30 minutes with cuo student. And in the last we perform like singing and give some souvenir.
After from chuo university next destination is Miraikan museum.

I can'nt say too much about Miraikan museum but the technology in Japan is very amazing to me. Here  is a great science museum, and There is a very clever robots in here (ASIMO).

ASIMO robot
if you are interested in technological sophistication in Japan especially robots do not forget to come to Miraikan
cute seal robot

I'm not really a huge science fan, so I wasn't really interested in many of the displays at the museum. However despite that, the museum was very hands on and interactive, making the visit more enjoyable. Also for this reason, there were quite a few primary school children on excursion visiting.  They were so kawaii♡
a friendly and cute japanes children <3 br="">

Tokyo in the night (view from tokyo from metropolitan goverment building)

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