hello april

8:29 PM

hello pretty blogger and readers how are you?? this is my first post in april 2014 yesss after sleeeeeep alooooongggg time to blogging hehhee .. so sorry, i try to manage my time to blogging but i have another task to  interenship . yahhh actually my job desk not difficult because i ever learn it in my college but you know the internship was not only spending time but also the mind. when I intend to photoshoot at the weekend, almost every two weeks there is activity outside the office ( so i failed to photoshoot). when i want to blogging in the night i feel really tired :( . I went the office at 6 am and arrived at 8 am (2 hours for traffic) and when i go back home as always traffic too i leave from office at 5pm and arrived at 7-8 pm (7 pm if i was using toll road). so you can feel i need 4 hours to traffic in every day right? hahahahaha but i always think positive because i as soon i have a job and I will certainly get jammed every day.hohoho jakarta..

Btw i dont have any good photo i just have a simple, girly and vintage hehe enjoy darling :D

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