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hello pretty reades, i'm so happy because HnM finally opening in Indonesia.yeaaayyy ..  I am honored to be Invited to attend this party.  You know this party privat only who come with an invitation. But don't worry for public you can come tomorrow !! yesss 5 october 2013. Don't forget bring much money and make sure you're in first line . why?? because you will get many advantages from voucher, fist line first come it's mean first buy and also fitst buyers hahaha.  Btw yesterday i came with Amel my bestfriend and make appoitments with bertha to shopping to gether. haha Ohya To be honest, although I did get an invitation but I still have to queue up and also pick with a lot of people.  I and Bertha need 2 hours to pay our shopping bag!
meet blogger fllas , gabby, ci liz ,lulut, owen, me and bertha

Btw  in the party HnM invite some Indonesian artist such as Indra beckti and his wife, Ringgo Agus, pevita peace, Raisa, Fedi Nuril, Rio Dewanto, Dimas Anggara and etc but the most favorite they invited  Asian Next Top Model such as jessica the first winner, stephani and also the sexy Helena. they'r really gorgeous and warm. i'm so happy can meet them .


guess tosca or white that i chooes ??

outfit : blazer, nikico// blower hat ,bloop// pants, zara // sequin top, unbranded// bag , aigner // chucky heels, Forever 21

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  1. whoaa.. pasti rame banget..

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. You really have great time, the photos can tell. :-)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

    Enter my SAMMYDRESS GIVEAWAY HERE for a chance to win one (1) fab dress.

  3. Ka sabrinaaaa... unfortunately we didn't take photos together... next time when we meet up ok? :)
    i followed your blog to stay keep in touch from your update...thankies <3

    follow or drop your comment if you like on http://margaretavania.blogspot.com

  4. So coolll sab! ngga ngundang2 nih ke party nya hehehe.. seems like a lot of fun!


  5. Never been to Indonesia, but surely I've been to H&M!

  6. so sad couldn't attend it , you're so lucky could meet those people <3


  7. Love your outfits!
    You look stylish and chic

    Mind if we follow each other?
    I already followed yours :)
    kisses from Australia :*

    Ichi and Pristan

  8. pengen balik lagi gue setelah liat belanjaan orang2 yang di post di ig. hahahha udah keburu pusing jadi nggak nepsong pilih pilih baju zzz

  9. that H&M opening is sick! so crowded.
    anyway, you look great with red color :D


  10. asik banget sih sabe,, iya nih gue sibuk di kantor internship jadi jarang blogwalking.. JFW juga kepaksa di skip nih karena oktober full harus kerja, :( batal meet up deh kita..

    Kalian semua hitz banget sih, Bertha juga keliatan mudaan diponi gitu, :)


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