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 Hallo redears, in my post this time I will review about the beauty event. Yapppp I was invited by the ka cia and ka Leila from idblognetwork to following beauty blogger challenge, sponsored by Laneige.
First of all Laneige dalam bahasa prancis artinya “salju” . this a  brand  for  women in their born  20’s  in  September  1994,  studies the  skincare  concerns  and  trends  of  women  in  their  20’s  and Completes  the  beauty  of   women  by  pursuing  the  artistic  sensibility  of water  science  to  help  women  achieve  the  radiant, dewy  skin  they  have  always  longed for.

First of all, before doing chalange participants were  to clean the face of makeup previously worn by participants with Cleansing Oil-Free Liquid in the form of a gel. After that we did a step by step make up challenge.

After your face wash next step is to use the White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, forms a gel and there is cold he can be quickly absorbed by the skin and does not irritate and is useful to brighten the face.

After using White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, then we use White Plus Renew Emulsion (120ml), White Plus Renew Essence (40ml) and the primer base before putting on make up yaa. Well the most favorite from me is  Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50 + PA + + +


BB cushion is has 5 points, first which can brighten up  so it can be white. second they have 'SPF50 + / PA + + +' that has Powerful Sunscreen Effect, the third has a cooling effect 3 degrees C so when you use you can feel sensation cold in your face, four  makeup looking natural and last BB Cushion is durable will hold the sweat.

the last step for the challege is MAKE UP time.. I start with the Natural Brow Liner - Auto Pencil the color is not too dark or too light . to be honest i love wearing brow liner for my eyebrow.hehe , after that for the eye makeup I used the Multi Professional Shadow with 4 complementary colors. And next I put on my eyes with the Extra Easy Eyeliner to make my eyes looking before. to be honest besides I love use an eyebrow pencil the thing I can't leave from my home  is eyeliner so for complete  the eye makeup i using with the Volume Setting Mascara. calm down girl my make up almost finished, I put on the pink gradation series of Professional Selection Blusher (looked natural is true) Finally the last step for make up is for lips, I using the Pure Glossy Lipstick, its very soft for color and texture.

SOoooo this is my look

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  1. Woah it looks so glamurous!


  2. very cute outfit! especially love your pants (:


  3. great event dear :D
    and you look so cute! <3
    anyway feel free to visit my blog


  4. Looks like a great event, love your chic trendy outfit! Thanks for your style insight on my last post!

  5. looks fun! counternya dimana kak ? :3
    you look great, i always think laneige is a great product!
    make up nya sekaligus ada skin care agent nya :3
    can't wait for your next post :)
    stay pretty dear :3

  6. This products looks really amazing! thanks for sharing!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  7. Love your legging dear :D


  8. Happy Birthday to your blog sabe :)
    keep inspiring !!


  9. Your blog is so much fun! Those pants and red shoes are to die for. Love them!

  10. Must have been very nice! You look adorable!:) xo

  11. your dress looking beautiful.
    majorbrands.in have very nice collection of dresses.


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