fashion show

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 :: Day 1 - Elok Rege Napio

7:42 PM

Mature Natural Glam. 
Inspiring from familia Ardea is one of Indonesia bird is called Kuntul bird . Ardea has stunning beauty of the wings, the bird has the largest wingspan in the world, the color - the color is taken of white, cream, black, pink / peach color that reflects all that is diburung ardea, detail Designer uses pearls for accessories with color dof pink, cream, material: knitted fabric, synthetic leather and black feathers

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  1. That collection looks amazing! :) Great event :)

  2. Great post! Beautiful photos! The third dress is outstanding.

    All the best,

  3. I love your Blog!!! I follow you by Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect!
    please give me back your follow! 7Sunshine

  4. Soooo feminine!

  5. Very pretty pictures - I love the designs!

  6. waaah ini punya mbak elok yaa :))
    baguss. kebetulan mbak elok itu mbaknya temen aku :))
    nice post.


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