Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 :: Day 1 - Gregorius Vici

8:10 PM

“Funny Artificial”. the simple dress becomes more beautiful and luxurious because of the uniqueness of the image, and the pieces taken are silhouetted in the 70's and 80's where the style and silhouette illustrate the diversity of colors and patterns match into a dress with the current view and look very cheerful colors striking colors

ps : i feel sorry for bad picture, i think i did'nt prepare take a photo for this fashion show in day 1. i got a lot of problems :)) have fun

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  1. Nevi Kusuma is my Esmod's College friend.. She is very talented.. I'm proud of her <3

    Please vote me with click heart button
    your voice are really important for me
    "The Sunny Day is taking Over"
    Thank you so much <3


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