beauty of yogjakarta

7:24 PM

saphire hotel yogyakarta , for price maybe you can visit [Here]

i think this is my first time i love wearing flat shoes. yeayyy i colecting them now

a white sand in jogj beach ( not parangtritis beach ) but in gunung kidul area, you can find more beach. especially with sand. super love it !!

yeaaayy as my promise, today i post my vacation in jogjakarta :DDD really excited . i love traveling, i love beach but the most i love when i was in jogja is Temple and this is prambanan tample, and you know what?? the location is near with air port maybe 10-15 minutes. I went there on my last day in jogjakarta and you know what?I came home with the first plane. hahaha how lucky i am,I was able to come here and  not miss my plane

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  1. gorgeous pictures!! i adore the red flats!!

  2. Now, I really wanna go to Yogyakarta :)

  3. love the photos
    the beach looks wonderful!!
    style frontier

  4. aww.. such lovely photos you have here! I haven't been to jogja for a while. last time was a school trip and been wanting to go back ever since.

  5. Great pics and a wonderfull beach. We have so much snow in Germany. I like your blog. What do you think about following each other. Just let me know, I will followe back for sure.


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