fashion dairy

afternoon shopping [ givwaway winner]

7:46 AM

sorry for bad picture !! very candid picture i think.hahaha   and i'm really sorry about the resolution because he take using BB. 

aaaaaand i have a good news!! if you have following my twitter i have announce last night. but i'll tell you again who is the winner !! thank you for every one who has joined my giveaway . and congratulation for all winners. for you did'nt stay tune and keep read my blog. because i have another giveaway asap <3

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  1. yaay thanks :)
    what should I do next? :D

  2. Replies
    1. oopss sorry dear maybe if really confused with your over comment :( so i cant read truly your name

  3. congrats for the winner! :D

  4. addduuuhhh .. cuma kelewat 2 nomor ! congrats yaa yg menang :D

    1. hihihi sorry ya mabe next giveaway kamu beruntung :)


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