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red jungle

10:46 PM

outfit : red cardigans, thrift store // dress ,legging, schock , unbranded // bag, frm hongkong // shoes , online shop

i think being fashionable is not always expencive . because fashion is about your creativity , is mean how you can mix and match clothes in your closet and you use it in the right time :) .
maybe the higher price usually has a quality than from a cheaper price but not always the cheap is bad. so, that's your decision to choose an expencive or a cheaper.

ps : i'm selling some my wadrobe and this is a sneak peek .maybe you love and interest, yo can click HERE .
but im feel sorry its just for indonesian readeras :)

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  1. oh i love your red cardi and shoes, great look darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Very attractive shoes.

  3. wow, i want that flower skirt my dear xD
    lol lol
    i love your outfit sab, look so hot <3

  4. Love the gorgeous outfit! <3 Especially your cardigan and shoes, they're such a bright fun red color (:

  5. You look amazing. The cardigan is awesome :)

  6. love your shoes :D and dear .. wanna exchange link ?:)

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    Giveaway Here

  7. Wow! Your shoes look super comfy and your red cardigan looks fabulous!

  8. I liked all the accessories, wonderful! :)

  9. Thanks for dropping your lovely comment♥
    btw, I love your shoes <3
    want to follow each other? I'm following you now. Follow back? I'm waiting.
    visit my blog again if you have a chance!

    warmest regards,

  10. Hi dear!!! I follow you but you don't follow me back!!! Let me know soon!!! Kiss

  11. Great colour!

  12. so stunning... red is hot!!!
    and i like it..

    with love:

  13. The shoes are so adorable! You look really nice!
    Great blog!


  14. I love all your brilliant accessories! =)

  15. sabrina, this is so cute as always!
    haha it's okay dear, may be next time in another trip to jakarta so we can meet up *cups*

  16. my goodness you are too cute. I LOVE this outfit. Definitely something I'd wear...

    found the route

  17. Adorable!! :)
    I followed you! Hope you check out mine.


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