best friend

we're back !!

11:01 PM

outfit : yellow cardigan,fleamarket //brown bag,gucci // brow polkadot dress, tea time//brown belt,tea time//cream turban,tunik//black whatch//white flat,charles&keith

hi readers !! how are you? ahaha im really sorry for late replay your comment ! i'll reply tomorrow. now is 11pm. and im still on ,yeaaaaaaay actually i have many assigment "again" it so busy right? today i want finish my lovly assigment such as : psychology of development , psychology education, and psychology social . aaaaaghhh nextweek is the deadline but if i cant finish it now or tomorrow my weekend is over .huh !

ohya, i'll share you about my BF. yeaaaay we're back ! after near one semsetres or 3 month we didn't meetup ! i feel really miss her :DD . hahaha yesterday after finished the class i went to citos to meet them . we eat in pissa cafe, the place look simple , elegant , and the food really nyumyy !! ohya im near forgot ! yesterday is tuesday and its LADIESDAY.hahaha i love ladiesday they have many stand accessories , clothes, shoes and anything ! and when 4pm they have fashionshow.

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  1. i love your yellow cardigan

    hot color for fall and winter

  2. You look so adorable.. In fact all ur friends do :)
    It's nice to be back with besties.. Enjoy :)

    Hey it would be so nice if you checked out my 2 new posts. One is about Polka nails and other is a surprise :D

  3. Hi dear, stopping by from
    (originaly PretaVoyagerMode)Sorry for the late reply but I had to change blogs :) Cool blog by the way, I'm following, hope you follow back xoxo

  4. oh,, thanks for commenting on my korean blog.. :)
    follow each other? sure.. I've followed you..
    just follow me back, okay? :)

    Garten Paradise

  5. holy yummy food for a sabrina girl with a cute smile, & a yellow cardigan! rock on young student.

  6. lovely pictures and the food looks delicious!!

  7. dear sweetie,
    you look so pretty in yellow cardi, cute skirt and you have the most beautiful smile ever! awww you make hungry with those pic! cant wait for your next post.


  8. Kakak, cantik sekali kardigan kuningnya :))
    iya ayu tinggal di denpasar bali :D
    Kapan mau ke Bali lagi?
    ayo ketemu :DDD
    sudah ayu follow kok kak :DDD

  9. glad you had fun with your friends :)
    they really are the best treasure!


  10. waaooww such a great blog,soo lovely:)
    i am your new follower from TURKEY :)
    KISSESSS :***

  11. You look so lovely with that outfit ;)

    I could not follow you on bloglovin, I don't know why :/

  12. thanks for commenting on my blog dear :)
    cute yellow cardigan!

  13. Love your outfit dear! You're so pretty :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

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