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9:33 PM

my teddy bear, object my photography today
see anothe at sabrina photoworks
feel bored? before and after make up
the lovely picture using my SLR

today my feel so boring, i just at home and get a sick,maybe just sore throat but is so annoying -__. sigh huh!!

when im feel bored, i immediately took the make up box and starting make uping my face. look my face in the picture. see the picture no.2 (have 4 picture) it using webcam from laptop.
1. is without make up starting using powder eyes finished use eye shadow and my finger use nail polish
4. the last im finish all.

after finish make up, i think i wanna take the picture with my slr. aaaaaaaaaaaand tadaaaaa, the resolution is more more better. and i looks so gorgeous with make up.hahaha
maybe if i a boy i will say, you're so aw

my make up from , sari ayu martha tilaar.(powder, eye sadow,blush on, lipstik,lipglos,cleaner)
and nail polish (the face shop)

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