best friend


9:11 PM

nasi bogana @27.500
taiwane noodle @30.000
mie kocok bandung @19.000
es pelangi @11.500
this food
eat & eat gandaria city

my stuff

i hope i use heels or wedges today, i looks very short
i love my best

finally after 6month npt meet my best, amoy, fya, shinta , today we meet again in gandaria city.hihiih
hmmm, as usual if we're hang out we must go to a comfortable place . and we choose EAT & EAT. i think they have good concept,they have many menu options and a nice place.
nearly 4 hours we were there and the time was not felt. because besides eat we also gossiping, laughing and takin picture.hehe
im ordering nasi bogana the price @27.500 and for the drink es pelangi @11.500. amoy ordered taiwanes noodles @30.000, fya order mie kocok bandung @19.000 and the last shinta ordering takoyaki @13.500.
to pay the food similar as payment in the timezone using the card and filled nominal.
after eat we around the mall enter the several shoe stores, and clothing
and i think gandaria city have some good spot, like burlesque,and many more.

what i ware:
* pink floral dress $8
*red leather agner from momy
*pink flat shoes $10
*red armani watches from my dad
*gold braclet

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  1. Siapa bilang mau buat usaha kuliner anda terkenal susah? Dengan dus makanan Greenpack semua bisa jadi lebih mudah lho.. Da[atkan keuntungan spesial cetak logo usaha kuliner anda pada bagian atas dus Greenpack secara Gratis!!! Informasi lebih lanjut silahkan cek di sini


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