fasion bloger yard sale 6h

9:21 PM

yeeey this day, fashion blogger yard sale 6. finally i can go there after all this time wanted go there.
wohooooo, unexpectedly there was so full. there any people wanna buy cool clothes and they style was great. i also visited stand diana rikasari, but i didn' buy in her stand because hmmm, maybe the price too expensive . the price range 50-130 i see for the cloth,but to shoes i didn't see .hehehe
the picture no. 5-6 is stand diana rikasari, it was so good yay?? the priace and quality didn;t lie. agree??

so, i buy some cloth in one of stylish bloger, but i dont know what her name :( actually she was humble cute no. 4. in her booth have chiper price than diana rikasari , i buy 100k for 3 cloths,hihihih :D but i just buy 2 cloths , 1 cloth for indah. i go to fx mazee with her.

and what do you think for my style today?? you know?? i really love my new wedges

* gray chifon lace top
*black tanktop
*black jeans
*cream wedges
*cream bag
**pssssstt!!! and new hair cut :D.

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