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Hello.. Happy weekend everyone. Today i wanna share with you about my yoga life (again) i hope you never be bored. yeayyy.

As you know and if you read my review a few month ago. I share some pict and my yoga life, I hope you never be bored. well I've been following yoga since six months ago in one of the mega gym near my house. And last week i had last week I got a chance to try out and review Yoga at the union yoga and clozettedId. Union Yoga is one of yoga studio are well known in Jakarta. They possessed two studios, in Kelapa Gading and at the Dharmawangsa.

What is the special union yoga?? not like a studio sport or gymnastics. In union yoga you can practice yoga in the warm room is hot yoga / bikram yoga. Yes Last week I had try Bikram Yoga in 90 minutes in room 38-42 degree C.
For me This is my first time to try. I've wanted to try but sometime i Think I haved low blood and easy tired so I often changed my mind. But last week I challenge myself and it turned out I was able and strong

So What is BikramYoga?
Bikram Yoga is a yoga practice that consists of 26 postures or asanas performed in a room temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. For 90 minutes. Bikram Yoga has two breathing exercises must be performed within 90 minutes in a heated  room to allow the body to stretch, detoxify, relieve stress, tone, and heal chronic pain such as arthritis, joint aches, knee injuries, back problems, and more.

For me practice Bikram Yoga really challenge myself and very nice to lose weight because a lot of sweat was wasted. YEAYYYY
weell if you following my snapchat and my instagram @sabesabrina, you will know how tired and more sweat wkwkwkw

I think union Yoga Dharmawangsa is very good in terms of location,and facilities.
in the location it is in Jakarta and placement in Dharmawangsa, so very easy to meet. but the minus is TRAFFIC. The facilities are very complete, consisting of a dressing room containing lockers, toilets and showers. three studio (two studios at the bottom and a large studio above).
They also provide a hair dryer and catokan for you as well as cotton buds and cotton to clean makeup

For Price ??
you can choose your class for single class, unlimited week or month you can check HERE

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