[Review] Clozette X Orly miin nail art treatment plaza Indonesia

11:22 PM

Hello welcomeback on my blog !! Today i wanna share with you about my experience nail treatment at Orly miin at Plaza Indonesia. Actually this is my 2nd treatment after clozette Indonesia give me a beauty treatme,a few month ago.
ORLY miin Beauty Lounge has opened in Plaza Indonesia 4th Level. As one of premium beauty lounge in Jakarta, ORLY miin Beauty Lounge offered a different services and products from other beauty lounge. They are one stop beauty services from head to toe  with premium quality of products. Their beautician experts are all well trained, and they keep their equipment by using high standard of sanitize, hygiene and also it is for one time use only (disposable). One of their treatments, Nail treatment products, currently has been the best Nail treatment products in the world. Because I was a lover of nail treatment so I tried it in Orly. hihihi  as I say not only nail treatment only in orly but there are other treatment. However I choose nail treatment so, I will talk about it

 Orly Miin beauty lounge has a many color  nail polish and gel polish it was pretty complete . There are 384 colors of nail polish and 398 color gel polish. when I chose the colors I was confused and difficulty to choose heheh

And what the treatment that i choose?? i choose Orly premium hand spa and nail art. Orly premium hair spa really great treatment trust me..  Your hand will be given a mask treatments, manicure and massage. The mask really aromatic and i love it , not only the great treatment but the terapist really friendly so when you get treatment you would not have realized it was finish

the result 

My favorite nail art using gel polish . thank you clozette and orly miin :D

the pricelist, and you can visit :
Plaza Indonesia
Beauty Floor - Level 4 South
# 011-011A
Facebook : ORLY miin
Instagram : ORLY miin

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