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i'm 22 !!

3:37 PM

yeayyy alhamdulilah, i so blessed with you God now i'm 22 scine june 8 2015. hahha
i wish this year will be much better than before, i wish i'll more mature and all what i want can reached. i can get the job, i an get the master degree for psychologist. thank you so much for every one who has sent me a cake, and gift. me love you gaesssssss. <3 nbsp="" p="">ps : thank you for coming and give me a big surprised mr. AFS (he not stay in jakarta but he can flight as he want ) idk why you're so kind and made me gagalpaham !!

 birthday card from 20.000 feet abv sea level thank you

 cake from amoy 

cake from iness

 cake from caca & memelc

donught cake from fia and shinta
Big teddy and baloons 22 <3 .="" p="">

once again, thank you so much :)))

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  1. Happy Birthday! It look like you have tons of fun! Those donughts look delicious!

    Gaby |

  2. yuk ayuk cus foto" bareng lg..
    happy belated bday darl.. have a blast and pray the best for you <3

    Miss Aa

  3. look like you have a lot of fun! happy birthday to you :)

  4. happy birthday dear , I wish you all the best
    also check out my blog


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