Black browny

11:56 PM

outfit  : accessories, Zara// blazer, forever 21// black dress, mom// belt, from bangkok// bag, stradivarius// heels, Zara

Long time not talking about my life, after graduation i focussed online business i open clothing line named vintagede on instagram. yapp actually i really want working in office in magazine or fashion industri hehehe and I did apply to some company may I lucky. Bismillah. i want to young ececutive wearing cute shite and be a pretty lady. hahha but if I dont get a chance i have another plan. I'll continue my study for child psychologist. actually beside fashion children is my favorite. hhmmm
i remember when i was senior high school i want to be a doctor and get specialist pediatrician. And i hope if i can't be a pediatrician i can be child psychologist.
wish me luck. :)

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