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breakfasting before lebaran !

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yeayyy ramadhan post !!!
 how are you guys and how are your fasting? hehe yap toningt is TAKBIRANNN hehe and i just wanna shared my outfit for breakfasting with my college friends yesterday. hehe lalala yeyye tomorrow is IED. finally after 30 days we fasting finally we win tomorrow, yappp Muslim feast or LEBARAN :pp hehe
so, after long long time not meet up (because of our busyness) i planned to meet my friends . we meet at gandaria city at fish and co. hehe overall nothing has changed there is only good news ( kulit manggis ada ekstraknya!) haha jayus yaa skipp !
and the good news is I'm one step closser to be a bachelor alhamdulillah. i hope the schedule going well i'll final test (sidang) last august or early september.  Now i finish input data and going to BAB 4-5 i hope you always pray for me hehe
back to breakfasting hmmm, i think fish and co 4/5 for the food!! but not the price yaa hehe too expensive for student. for my favorite food as always fish and chips hehe 

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  1. Is that Michael Kors' bag? :3 Love your style!

  2. Yummy! :)) Good luck untuk sidangnya, ya :)

  3. Mashallah so so beautiful!

  4. Lovely, looks delish.

    New follower

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