tea time

8:47 PM

hellooo remember my last story ?? and finally i finish my interenship with good score from the office yesssss. finally no work pointless and since i'm interenship and learning how to working i over think for looking a job and get a money especially. hmmm its not easy man !!
ohyaa  do you remember about my camera? yapp I succeed save up and buy a new one*alhamdulillah*
hmmm i saving all my money from my fee, job, and salling my preloved hahaha..
Tea time is really fun with your firends right? back to topic after finish interenship i meet new people and new friend, theye are really fun and i learn more with them. hehe my new friend is kpopers, and you know she always give me new drama korean and gossiping about korea, Korea beauty product and more. i remember The first Korean drama that they give to me is heirs, and runing man.hihi and they now become close friends. we like hanging out together, playing in my house, picnic and photoshoot. cacah always help me for taking a picture , yhank cah :*

outfit : Dress and bag , vintage market// necklace, online shop// clogs, retail therapy
spring is comming so i really fun wearing this dress <3 and="" flowers="" fresh="" nbsp="" p="">


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  1. Wahh, suka bajunyaa :) itu dimana ya? :D

  2. looking so sweet with your dress <3


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