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10:08 PM

hii fab people yesterday I was hanging out with my bestfriend at teras putih. finallly I can meet with my BBF senior high school after near 6 month not meet up. yaas as you know this semeter really hectic you can seen my blog, OMG i rarely post :( I'm so sorry for late reply comment, not post anything and and that makes me very sad is  I did'nt meet my blogger fellas when gathering :( * crying* oh god honestly, i really want graduate soon!!!

ohya  many thanks for my new sponsor Born Pretty !! they have unique site and I think you'll love this site they sell some accessories, nail art and watches . my favorite is watches category and saw many varieties of women's watch. Born Pretty Store offers several varieties of women's  watches. There are bracelet watches, wrist watches, LED watches and pocket watches. I choose this brown vintage watch. I love this vintage look watch because I think it suits my daily style :))
ohya i ner forgot !! if you wanna buy you can use cupon SABRINAMC10

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