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Hiii... HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL MY FRIEND !!! i know this is really too late for saying new year hehehe but i hope this year make you feel great and always better than last year. anw this post about my vacation to Bankok and Pataya before christmas yeayyyy !!! i decide to backpaker with my sister :p I always dress up (OOTD) with sneakers and backpack ! LOL
it's really fun traveling with simple outfit and lightweight suitcases, yaaaaa but minus cute photoshoot *sorry *
the most favorite place in Bangkok is PLATINUM yaaaa its time to shopping and don't forget to Madam Tausan ( we can photo with great people )

ohyaaaa !!! I also trying some street food  and tastes good!! i love the chicken black paper :D 

  view from my room ! papaayyy good night :)

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  1. i have always wanted to visit thailand just because the clothes there are very cheap!
    great pictures dear


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