tea party

8:30 PM

hello amazing bloggers. i'm so sorry to long not update my  post.  Well, I'm quite relieved once I read some of your thoughtful comments here, email, and etc. But, instagram still be the convenience yet simplest way to post some of the style-need directly. hahaha.. btw if you following my socmed i was posting my tea party with another bloggers and guess finally i met the awesome annisa haha. yes she comeback to indonesia a few month ago to holiday. So, I invite her to meet up.. yeaaayy
Too bad the people who came meet up just me, betha, kaev and nissa but we still have fun and don't forget to photo!!!
Aaaand this is my outfit

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  1. aww craving for all the foods, looks so delicious!!<3

  2. carrot cake!!!! <3

  3. Nice pictures. The food looks so amazing.

  4. That carrot cake looks so good! Great outfits girls.x

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  5. Beautiful! the food looks yummy too :)
    thanks for dropping by my blog. following you now. i would greatly appreciate if you follow back. :)

  6. You girls look so happy together. love your outfit. The colors are sooo bright!

    btw, I just followed you in bloglovin and GFC, care to follow back?

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  7. too bad I cant join this :( hiks hiks. kalian super ketjeh deh! love your outfits, cutie <333


  8. Super cute <3 ,love the red Pants!


  9. how fun! and great shoes!

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    P.P.S. I'm your newest follower

  10. love the bold color on your outfit<3
    looks like a fun meet up, and I've always been wanting to eat Union's red velvet cake :S now you're making me hungry!

  11. So it seems we share a love of cake and tea! haha those cakes look beyond delicious and your outfit is so cute. I love the red trousers! xx


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