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9:49 PM

hello , my blog still alive. hihih alhamdulillah today i don't hav any assignment. Btw this is just quick post, sorry for late reply all comment, i think i'll reply after this week. zzzz because my assignment still alive too and they need to analysis.
So, i want to share something 2 weeks ago i meet with some blogger fellas in Gandaria City. For me the best thing be a blogger is know and meet new people. We talking much about our life, our college, and what's in. Always fun to chit chat with new people, knew more and a lot of things. So this is my new friends ::)

 with acil

tamara . ka aev , acil , arin and me :))

what I wore : my outfit theme is vintage and simply. haha you know i don't have much time to match my outfit . I should finishing my assigment and when i was see my clock tadaaaaa i near late to meet up :p  So i think this is the best way to still cute .hehe. i wear love printted dress, with brown heels and also my favorite items is my red aigner and round glasses :DD

twitter/ instagram @sabesabrina

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  1. I loove what you wear sabe :) can you tell me where did you buy those vintage heels you wore? I love meeting new people too. It's so nice to know them and have some new friends.

    Rizuna from 100% nerd

  2. such a nice meet up ! love your lovely dress <3

    visit my blog sometime ;)

  3. Aaaa nanti kapan aku ke jakarta kita wajib meet up ya. Looks so fun there. Dan lihat sepatu kalian, kece kece bgt sih!! <3

  4. i love those round glasses! x



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