CAFE :: Goedkoop [review]

9:29 PM

apple caramel pannekeoek 

 oreo frapp and cramel frapp

pattat with sauce & creamy presto spaghetty

introduce new coffee shop in Jakarta Goedkoop !! Goedkoop is a new coffee shop at Bendungan Hilir (Benhil) area. I  I really like the ambiance and the concept of this cafe. the concept is about
antiquity, maybe around Dutch colonial era. hahaha i'm going thi cafe with my best melamel and try some food and coffe ! of cource the price is affordable. And thank to ka cia for guide me  to get there. You know Benhil does not have a serial number and the cafe looks so small when you look a little hard to find. And before go home i trying Koffie Bon Bon (the coffee is kinda strong trust me !! my stomach is very sick and cramping after drink it.hehehe actually i feel so excited with the name but after that i was sick. hahahaa.)

Goedkoop (@goedkoopjkt)
Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 62
(021)573 4430

twitter/instagram : @sabesabrina

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  1. what a great place. and all of the foods look delicious.
    *drooling ♥.♥

  2. good pictures to share, dear =)

    visit my fashion blog sometimes..
    hope we can be friend, since we are a fashion blogger from Indonesia =D


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