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Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 :: Day 1 - Susan Zhuang

8:03 PM

susan zhuang show is one of my favorite show in day 1. how sweet looking cute and pretty dress in vals day. Fyi when 1st day on Indonesia Fashion Week coincided with the valentine day. The Design, color and shape really beautiful. inspired by  classic modern the design that comes from floral touch, Fabrics :organza, lace, fresnch tulle, and  colours : beige, red, soft pink

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  1. great pics !
    new post

  2. wow! i absolutely love the soft floral details<3

  3. Totally in love with this collection! The floral details look so elegant :)

    crunchy cheese me

  4. Oooh! I love the colour combination in this collection. The whole collection looks so ethereal!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Would love to follow you! doing that now, do follow me back. :)

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

  5. woogh! amazing collection, did you get the front seat during the show? so lucky! aku pas ifw dtgnya telat and duduk dibelakang jd ga bs dpt detail baju2 designer ;(

    xoxo, Mich


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