what make me happy on january

3:57 PM

hi today is the last day at january , yeaaay after 31 days i just wanna share for you. sorry this is not about my outfit ir review. it's not becasue i did'nt have new photo . hehe actualy i have some new photo and review for you guys but i will share it on february . so what make me happy ??

1. Im back healithy ! having a healty is really really fun. so please keep your health (sick is really bad :( )
2. I have a great week end with my sister.
3. I can visited my grandpa when he was a little forgetful
4 .Taking new photo for outfit
5. playing with my little cousin and they're crying when i'm back home . hihi
6. tomorrow i'll go to Jogjaaa. yeayy see you blogger jogja hope we can meet up . and Bali soon :DD
7. planing make a giveaway again on february .

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  1. Yaay be happy :) This picture is such lovely!

    Aree With Umbrella

  2. lovely blog :)

    xoxo Nancy S.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Have a wonderful February, sis :D

  4. hope you enjoy your trip to Jogja & bali,
    thanks for your comment in my blog, how bout if you follow me first hehe..

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