openig party : brightspot market

11:27 PM

outfit : lace top , thrift store // floral printed pants, nichishop // bag, Longchamp // wedges , UP

yeaay today is opening party brightspot market and im really happy i can come to this event . Brightspot Market has become the premier event to witness local Indonesian brands showcase their creativity. As the years have gone by more and more retailers participate, the venue gets larger and larger, and now in its fourth year Brightspot Market has established itself as Indonesia’s benchmark for independent retailer bazaars. Now boasting 125 retailers in a 2600 m2 Gandaria City hall, from 7 june (private ) 8-10 june 2012 for public . they open from 5.30 - 12 pm (today ) and 8-10 june from 11 am- 11 pm . I think this is the best brightspot market ,hahah best music , best cool air (last brighspot really hot ), best payment ( for BNI card you get 15% discount)  okay i cant say anythink they have a lot of  SALE !! *you can see my hand*  and really COOL STUFF !!!
ohya the last see my picture from nikicio they have box sale (all item 50K) and they give you sale up to 50% !!
oww i just see my clock  now is 11.30 pm and a few minutes again i'll BIRTHDAY. hahaha see you tomorrow i'll post about my giveway


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  1. wow, cepat bgt postingannya. a good blogger ;)


  2. ahh!! nice post dear :D mau ulang tahun ya?? asiik traktir ya ;p

  3. Waaah I'm falling in love with all of the collar necklace which on that wall :O
    And Happy Birthday To You, dear Sabrina! xo
    Can't wait about the giveaway :3

    Love, Ina xoxo

  4. oh i really want to go to brightspot! you look awesome, love that floral pants =)

  5. looks fun there! can't wait to shop at brightspot market too :D anw, nice outfit dear! and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) have a nice day!


  6. i went there today too,yep many cool stuffs as usual!i personally adore happy go lucky.and lastly happy birthday dear!

  7. happy birthday sabrina. aa envy you got there. i never visit brightspot -_- such great photos and love your pants. love someday can meet you also :)

  8. hei,thx for ur lovely comment in my blog. ;D
    aaaand, I'll join ur GA!
    If you don't mind, pls follow me back.
    I already following you.
    Thx u :)


    btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hehe. Ok ok I know its been too late to say that words haha.
    God Bless You :D

  9. happy birthdaaay :D
    God Bless You dear :)

  10. i really like ur blog...following u now.Hope to c u on my blog too.


  11. Lovely!


  12. this looks like so much fun!! I am loving so many things here!

  13. Of course we can follow each other! I'm already doing :)
    Very beautiful photos!

  14. Nice pictures you have here. I love the accessories I am seeing in every photo. X


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