hippie gone mad giveway

7:06 PM

hi, readers ! who dont like giveway ? i just try some lucky for new tee from cindy at hippie gone mad blog ! she is one my favorite fashion bloger indonesia, if you have time visit her blog to see amazing giveway here ! wish me luck :)) why i want win, because im never win for the giveway ,hahah and i just try some lucky ! hope she really kind and pick me for the winner. the tee is really cute !!! who dosent like ?

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  1. You right, this tee is beautiful, lovely colours & print

  2. I love this shirt ! Great ... Lg DENISE <3

  3. i'm starting to following you sista
    mind to follow me back?
    dream big! xoxo

  4. nice blog thanks for following me I'm following you now

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! i wanted that one!

    take a peek. my new blog


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