last day in lombok

10:28 PM

sunrise in senggigi

senggigi beach

white sand

with my lovely dady
my style

rinjani mountain from airplane

last day in lombok

outfit : blue light cardigan/owl top/black short pants/white burberry bag/leopard crocs

vacation.. holiday.. summer.. im coming !!!!!!!!!! :D :D

have you ever hear about senggigi beach in lombok??yeaaaaaap lombok finally!!!! this is my first time visit to lombok :D.
actually this is the late vacation i think and more faster vacation than you think. huh!!!! just a few days in here. i dunno this is holiday or what ??? im going to mataram with my dad and his assistent, they have some work going on here. even though only a few days here i'm verry happy, because they have beautiful beach even as a private beach.quit, beautiful, and has a white sand.
more photo : sabrina photoworks

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  1. You look so cute with the lovely smile :)

  2. nice view. lovely blog, just followed you :)

  3. wow nice shoot in the sky. I'm now following. hope you follow back me


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