my simple dream

9:39 PM

since i was kid i always dreaming, yeaaaay dreaming . who is never like dreaming, you're free to dreaming what will happen in your future. and the dream will come true if you want to try it. it easy if you try, right? but sometime dream just a dream. the problem is condition and situation.
this is my dream from childhood until now.hehe chek it out.

1. every thing gonna be okay.
yeaaaaaaay,since childhood I always wish to be a good in every thing, every situation, every condition and no mistake and dont have problem, but the truth is, life has many secret and misteries include a problem to be solved.
but i hope iresolved the problem by wisly and every thing gonna be okay

2. i dream i will be balerina
hahahah since childhood , i want to be ballerina until now. but im too shy when i was child to learn balet. but now i think is more dificult than i learn when i was child :(

3. chearleader
my dream number 3 is cheerleader, i'm very very lovedance, and i always dreaming my SHS have team chearleader and i'll join and after that i will cheerleaders.

4. model
since childhood i likes fashion and my aunty an mommy said i like watch fashion tv and imitate how the model walking in catwalk.

5. study about fashion
next my dream is, study abroad and choose my favorite subjek , is fashion. maybe not fashion design, hmm like fashion bussienes or something like that.

6. cute boyfriends
hoaaaaaaaaaa, i dont know why i'm falling in love with korean boy. they're so cute and cool <3.
hmm actually, not always korean, chiness sometime good. i love asia.
7. true love
believe, sweet, harm, protect,passion, comunication, and everything gonna be all in one.
8. married
who don't want marry with her love? with her prince dream? greaat,awsome married is dreaming all women i think
9. cute baby
after married you have cute baby. aaaaaah so sweet life with your husband and your baby.
10 . paris
and the last is i can go to paris. the wishes i will live in paris soon , with my family. and have a nice house near effel. hahaha (praying) amin

don't ever stop dreaming guys.

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  1. great dreams ! it seemed to me, we have similar dreams :)
    Please check out my blog! BTW: I always follow back If you ask me to :)


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