me on 18 bithday

10:33 PM

my ice cake
meeee, now i'm 18th
ugly dolls from kusumalingga

the new bag"hermes" from my parents

singapore food

my style

my quality time with my mom

the parade is begining

and finally the acrobatic very awsome

oh my god!!!!! im really sorry im late again to post it :(. yesterday im very tired but totaly fun :).
yesterday is my birthday. actually my age is 18th birthday now,hihihi im too young or im going to women?hahhaa but my friends said " your're so young and likes unyu" hahahaha LOL
oke, yesterday i was go to pacific palace with my mom, hmm we're not shoping but just hangout.and you know what? in pacific palace have event this month until next month.
they have parade and acrobatic overal is total GOOD and AWSOME . for fee? IS FREE.
after that pacific palace we're go to gandaria city to shoping and luch. yesss now is real shoping.hahaha
oh ya, we're lunch at restaurant singapoure. actually my mom wanna eat malaysia food but there isnt so we eat singapoure food. my mom order noodles (likes mie ayam in indonesia). have noodles, meat, and bakwan in differents is the meat in indonesia chicken but sing chicken and duck.@28.000 and im order fried rice singapur. they have udang dan cumi like nasigoreng spesial but very nice!! recommended @25.000
after luch we go to lotte, pizza hut, and the last haagen dazs to buy my cake :DDD "ICE CAKE" @480.000 but because im a member im haagen dazs i can save my money to 50% :)
for my present : from my dad is new bag harmes paris and kusumalingga give me ugly dolls.
totaly fun right???

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