7:18 PM

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! welcome february,hihih
firtstly, i wanna say sorry again, because im late to post in here. you know what??? becaus my internet modem is limited and i cant access to internet

weeeeel, i want to say something for this month!!!GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
actually this month have some special moment to ME :D

1.9-14 february--> i'll vacation in bali *again,
but why i say it so special?? because i'll vaction with my best friend. finally!!!!!!

2. 14 february ---> valentine day'11
okeee, i think you know what did i mean :D, for a couple valentine is special day, and for this year is firstly i have a bf and valentine( walaupun ga ngerayain juga)

3. 25 february---> lingga birthday
yeaaaaaayyyyy my bf will birthday, i'll make somethink different to give him..
hmmm now i'll thinking for a new idea for him*see and wait guysss

sooooo i hope many momment for this month to me, and trust me!!! i cant wait for it :D



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