me and my teacher

10:33 PM

im and my teacher . mr. darwis triadi. scine 24 agst10, im a student in darwis triadi school of photograhy. whoooo

and you know about darwis?who is darwis triadi?

Andreas Darwis Triadi (born: Solo, Central Java, October 15, 1954) or better known as the Darwis Triadi is an expert photographer and fashion glamorous senior Indonesian.
Dervish Triadi developed an interest in photography since 1979. Design Science also contributed his artistic abilities to learn to enrich. Because of his achievement that continues to increase, he was given the confidence to display his work at the annual magazine of international Hasselblad in 1990. In the same period, he had presented a slide flagship event Kina International Photo Competition in Cologne, Germany. This competition was held in order to "Hasselblad International Annual". A year later, the international magazine Vogue displaying his work in a special article about Indonesia. Bron Electronics AG of Switzerland, Broncolor lighting manufacturers, chose to fill the calendar year 1997 Broncolor

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