summer holiday 2010

5:20 PM

last week after make project painting i was visiting bali to my summer holiday with my sister. wohooooo ,finally i'm going to holiday because i'm so stress with my problem and all about my new university because i'm confused to choise. with a vacation I can forget my problems for a moment, heheh I'm very happy with my vacation this
on the first day, I went to watch the show barong dance, which tells the struggle between good with evil.
after that we ate lunch in Kintamani area, where there is a mountain that is very charming and beautiful lakes. after that we went around Bali and stopped going to temples big enough there. within the region there are three temples.there are not tired we took a picture, because for too long our photos directly go to dinner in Jimbaran, where the famous dinner off the coast and see the sunset, there is very romantic. recommendations from me if you have a boyfriend with whom your girlfriend to dinner at Jimbaran

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