MAX. TAN FW 2010/2011

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Early this year we featured the SS 2010 Collection of talented Singapore based designer Max Tan. He has just sent us his most recent collection, FW 2010/11 entitled Against. Max Tan touches on androgyny and geometric deconstruction of simple patterns to create beautiful new silhouettes. “Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, proportions are sometimes blown out of proportions.”
“The collection pushes the boundaries of what is deemed right and wrong. It challenges how garments can be differently constructed, how “wrong” details and tailoring methods can be deemed to seem right. Strict sharp lines and proper drafting rules are thrown out the window. Combined with draping techniques, the sumptuous use of fabrics put together a monochromatic collection filled with international accidents made aesthetically ‘right’ . What’s unseen is now seen, what was once wrong is now made right.

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